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.308 / 7.62 Military Once Fired Brass - 500 - Tumbled 300 Blackout Brass 500 .308/7.62 Once Fired Military Brass
.308 / 7.62 Military Once Fired Brass - 500 - Tumbled300 Blackout Brass500 .308/7.62 Once Fired Military Brass

Once fired Military 7.62 X 51MM demil brass. Mixed head stamps Lake City and SBS, other headstamps may be included.

300 Blackout was created by necking down and .22 caliber casing, this allows you to load a .308 projectile in a .22 cal case. This brass starts out life as a Lake City or WCC military casing and then is swagged, trimmed, sized and then a final trimming.

500 .308/7.62 Once Fired Brass, this is Demil brass primer pockets are crimped. This is unprocessed and non tumbled.




.308/7.62 500  Sized Swagged Polished 9mm brass ARSBRASS
.308/7.62 500 Sized Swagged Polished9mm Military brass once fired WCC headstamp - 5lbs

 Once fired 75% processed Trim and Load.

Once fired military 9MM brass mostly WCC head stamps crimped in primers.